• 2015 US Team Trials to be held in Glenwood Springs, CO – June 8-9

    The US Team Trials has returned to the fantastic wave in Glenwood Springs! This is the 2015 Team Trials for the USA team to compete in the 2015 World Championships on Garburator Wave on the Ottawa River. More info forthcoming, but save the date and spread the world!!! Monday and Tuesday, June 8-9, are our best dates for good flows and a lack of conflicts with other events. We know that weekday events are tough for some people READ MORE

Congratulations to the 2015 Freestyle Kayaking Team USA!

K1 Men                                 

Leif Anderson

David Fusilli

Dane Jackson

Hunter Kaitch

Bryan Kirk

Paul Palmer

Clay Wright


K1 Women                           

Emily Jackson

Adriene Levknecht

Jessie Stone

Rowan Stuart


K1 Jr Men                             

Michael “Kaito” Reoemer

Alec Voorhees

Hayden Voorhees


K1 Jr Women                      

Sage Donnelly

Darby McAdams



Seth Chapelle

Dane Jackson

Brad McMillan

Jordan Poffenberger



Dane Jackson

Brad McMillan

Jordan Poffenberger


Squirt Men                           

Dane Jackson

Jeremy Laucks

Clay Wright


Squirt Women                                

Anna Bruno

Elaine Campbell

Risa Shimoda

Taft Sibley

WOW! We have a team

Well Glenwood Springs certainly gave it up for the team and the US Athletes put on a great show. Many surprises and many nails bitten as in all divisions. However, I think the US can be confident that we have put together a great team.

OC-1 Results
Jordan Poffenberger
1 Dane Jackson
2 Brad McMillan
3 J.Laucks 1st Alternate

C-1 team
Jordan Poffenberger as World Champion
1. Seth Chapelle
2. Dane Jackson
3. Brad McMillian
1st Alternate Jeremy Laucks

Jr Women
1. Sage Donnelly
2. Darby McAdams
1st alternate Kady Kellog

Jr Men
1. Alec Voorhees
2. Hayden Voorhees
3. Michael “Kaito” Roemer
1st Alternate Jacob Walker

Rowan Stuart as Jr World Champion
1. Adrienne Levkevcht
2. Emily Jackson
3. Jesse Stone
1st Alternate Devon Barker-Hicks

Dane Jackson as World Champion
Hunter Kaitch as Jr World Champion
Note the order of the folks below was not really decided. This was based on their preliminary results.
1. Paul Palmer
2. Brian Kirk
3. Dave Fusili
4. Clay Wright
5. Leif Anderson
1st Alternate Stephan Wright
2nd Alternate Eric jackson

The US Mens Semi results.

Top six makes the team

First heat of Semis

Preliminary Results

Here we go!

Men have Started

Tuesday’s Heat lists

Heat Lists – in alphabetical order for no real reason.

8:30 competitor Check in if you have not signed your waiver and gotten your shirt.
9:00 Competitor meeting
10:00 Women…. Men to Follow

Heat 1
Adriene Levknecht
Anna Bruno
Brooke Hess-Homeier
Devon Barker-Hicks
Elaine Campbell
Emily Jackson

Erin Clancey
jessie Stone
Kat Levitt
Natalie Anderson
Rowan Stuart

Five will be chosen for Finals and we will roll into Women’s Finals

Then around noonish

Bennett Smith
Bryan Kirk
Clay Wright
David Levitt
David Fusilli
Eric Jackson

Grady Kellogg
Greg Parker
Jordan Poffenberger
Leif Anderson
Luke Bonnell
Matt Anger

Michael Patterson
Paul Palmer
Quinton Barnett
Rush Sturges
Stephen Wright

Five will be chosen for finals and we will roll into Men’s Finals